Arab Trust has been a supporter of Dundee United Football Company since the year of 2003 and continues to offer full support even today. The significance of this support is that now Arab Trust claims to be the third largest shareholder in this company which is a big news.

Arab Trust is actually supporting the United’s young people, it’s community and their work. Meanwhile they continue to raise their share holding in the company to increase their control or let us say influence in the company. With better influence they can better support their strategic aims.

The Investment

You may not know that this company has invested over two hundred and fifty thousand pounds into Dundee United company and all of this investment has just one goal. The goal is very specific and very important – Youth support and it’s development in life.

Arab Trust regularly raises funds to help all those individuals who are not super professional. The help for them comes in the form of essential kit that is required to play Football. Then you also need money to buy T-shirts and shoes and other important stuff. Sometimes transportation has to be arranged for these non professional players that also costs quite a bit of money.

Social Work

There are a lot of local schools and communities that are not very fortunate with money and donations. The trust also raises funds to help these communities to play and improve in the game of Football as a charity or let us say not for profit work.

The Trust Fund also seeks shares in Dundee United Football in order to help them with funds. The policy is such that funds are given to this company and in return shares are purchased. This way Arab Trust has become a meaningful third largest shareholder in the football company with significant presence and influence now.


Arab Trust is also holding an important post in dundee football company. The post is a Directorship in the company and with the presence in board of directors, they make sure that their fans have a voice. All the fans who are members of the trust have a say in this company through this director who sits on the board of the football company. With the presence as much as a third largest shareholder and a directorship, be rest assured that the fans will be heard.

Even you can become a member. If you just pay 15 pounds for the membership then you are eligible to become a member. This is one way the trust raises funds and then uses all the funds to help people in the field of Football.